Pretty Fine Necklaces II

Bronze Hearts and Pearl Necklace £9.99
Bronze Couture Flower Bib Necklace £10.99
Gold Plated Curve Necklace £8.99
Pearl and Pink Ribbon Necklace £9.99
Silver Shimmer Necklace £8.99
Gold Plated Horse Necklace £12.99
Flower Gem Necklace £9.99
Bronze Deer Necklace £9.99
Green Bunny Necklace £4.99
Multicolour Bib Necklace £9.99
Gold Colour Flower Bib Necklace £8.99
Multi Layered Pearl Necklace £9.99
Green Chunky Bib Necklace £9.99
Gold Plated Mum Necklace £9.99
Pretty Pink Necklace £8.99
Gold Colour Multi Necklace £9.99
Cute Baby Elephant Necklace £7.99
Key Pendant Necklace £5.99
Bronze Coin Bib Chunky Necklace £13.99
Dino Necklace £12.99
Chunky Tribal Necklace £13.99
Leopard Couture Necklace £9.99
Triangle Pyramid Necklace £3.99
Twisted Pearl X Necklace £8.99
Bronze Spike Necklace £12.99
Gold Spike Fancy Necklace £11.99
Love You Mom Necklace £9.99
Created by Ihuoma Ebillah